Chakra Labyrinth Cards

Chakra Labyrinth Cards


55-card deck, instructional booklet, and embossed Chakra Labyrinth finger-tracing pattern are included.

This a contemporary format of an ancient meditation designed to help you identify and shift old, depleting behavioral patterns, while consciously balancing your energy body.

As a meditative centering practice, Chakra Labyrinth Cards are designed to help you identify and RELEASE what no longer works in your life, inspire you to RECEIVE what you now need, and RENEW yourself in Spirit.

Chakra Labyrinth Cards can be used with any existing labyrinth, with the embossed pattern provided, or without a labyrinth as a divination tool. The Release and Renew statements that correspond with the Chakras make the cards unique while giving them universal appeal. This self-reflective tool can be used individually or with groups.

RELEASE what no longer works in your life,
RECEIVE what you now need,
RENEW yourself in Spirit.

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Angelic messengers (Chakra Angels) made out of clay were created by Toby to represent the chakra paths within the Prairie Labyrinth and are printed on the front of each card. They bring the energy of the Prairie Labyrinth to every card deck to balance, bless and connect you to the center of your own purpose and sacred work.


There are seven cards with unique intentions for each of the seven chakras, five Integration cards aligned with the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether and one Centering Card that reminds you to open to RECEIVE. Each card has two sets of statements: one for the Walk In (RELEASE) and the other for the Walk Out (RENEW).


"The depth and wisdom found in Keeper of Circles: Answering the Call to Wholeness and the artistic and energetic vibrancy of the Chakra Labyrinth Cards have awakening and re-patterning impact of lasting proportions. These materials are exceptional tools for accessing and releasing worn patterns and rebalancing one's energy body in enjoyable and invigorating ways. Reading this book and using the companioning Chakra Labyrinth Cards are sure to transform one's view of reality." 

~ Nicole Christine, Magdalene Mysteries School Founder and author of Under Her Wings

The Chakra Labyrinth Cards by Toby Evans contribute to spiritual healing for any person seeking wholeness. The Release cycle is profound and universal and the Renew cycle is clear and empowering. Using the cards in conjunction with the Chakra Labyrinth pattern unites one's destiny with one's embodiment.

~ Rowena Pattee Kryder, Ph. D., author of Co-Creation Code Deck, Vibrational Healing Cards
and Gaia Matrix Oracle