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Therapy for the soul to reveal the masterpiece that is you!

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Labyrinths are 5D SELF towers providing uninterrupted service to Higher Self awareness, helping us reestablish our sovereign connection to Source.

~ Dead, But Not Gone

5G or 5D? You choose!




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The Prairie Labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth is a simple whole-body prayer, reacquainting you with the presence and power that lies within.

the Chakra Labyrinth

The 7 pathways of the Prairie Labyrinth combine with the 7 Chakras to create a profound self-reflective tool to balance your energy body.

Chante Ishta

A  9-petal vesica star walking path with the ‘single-eye’ focus of helping you return to your heart.

The Art Line

Envisioned as a line of walkable, interactive, outdoor artworks stretching across the heart of America on the 39th Latitude.