Keeper of the Circles

Keeper of the Circles


Paperback 232 pages :: Publisher SageBrush Exchange (May 18, 2005)

What is so captivating about the Labyrinth that it inspires thousands of diverse individuals from all walks of life to build and/or walk them? The reasons are as varied as the people, yet there is an initial gripping attraction common to all, that originates as a response to an inner call.

There is a call to open up our eyes. There is a call to take down our disquise. There is a call to realize our hopes, our dreams, and what's behind our goals. This is a call to Wholeness and it's calling from our souls. - Answer your call to Wholeness. 
~ Keeper of the Circles “Call To Wholeness” CD

Keeper of the Circles includes "Call to Wholeness" CD of 11 original songs by Toby Evans.

Keeper of the Circles is one woman’s personal ‘call to wholeness’, yet, it speaks to the universal path every spiritual-seeker must navigate when its time to awaken and step into their own unfolding soul mission.

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Engaging soul journey into the mysteries of the Labyrinth and the life of a "Keeper of the Circles."

~ Nicole Christine. Magdalene Mysteries School Founder and author of Under Her Wings.


"Toby Evans weaves a riveting tale of her transformation from an Art Teacher to a modern day Shamanic Earth Steward, reminiscent of the ancient Keepers of the Circles. Through working with nature spirits, her intuition, past life memories, angelic forces and her family, Toby transforms a Midwestern prairie into a magical portal where anything is possible and space and time disappear. Her facinating story is deeply inspirational, provocative, and an absolute must read for all of us who have ever thought of creating Heaven on Earth." 

~  Brad Collins, Co-Director of The Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts and Founder of The Path of the Shamanic Priest Process


"Toby Evans is a beautiful writer with an inspiring and engrossing story to tell. Her story encourages us to live our own stories; her acceptance and commitment to follow her unfolding path inspires us to walk with similar courage, trusting the unexpected places our journeys take us. Toby's work with the labyrinth is as universal and multicultural as the labyrinth symbol itself. Her creative adaptations expand traditional practices to offer readers the opportunity to bring personal healing and transformation into their lives." 

~ Kimberly Lowelle Saward, Ph.D., Former President of The Labyrinth Society