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Therapy for the soul to reveal the masterpiece that is you!

Soul-Bridge Crossings


Assisting individuals with energy attachments or earthbound aspects to cross over to the 'World of Light.'


Have you considered that your loved ones, friends, ancestors,  strangers, or even past life aspects of yourself who have died, may still be here, awaiting your assistance to guide them home?

In these unprecedented times of carrying more light, everyday people are beginning to see, sense, hear and feel things from multidimensional levels that they can’t control or easily explain. This includes the awareness of souls who have not crossed over. Assisting them is a valuable service intended for the good of all beings; a service that many will have reason to investigate or become involved in as the planetary vibrations continue to rise.

~ Dead, But Not Gone



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The intent of a Soul-Bridge Crossing Session is to help any invading energies move into the Light while restoring proper energy flow and equilibrium to the client, empowering them to return to their restored, authentic self.


This session is designed to track the origin of complex, emotional wounds by looking at the invisible threads that may be attached to the spirit world as underlying causes behind the problem.  They might include, past life trauma, soul loss, earthbound spirits or invasive, detrimental energies causing a disruption in the energy field. With clarity and compassion, we identify and clear the issues involved and help the soul(s) move into the Light.

A Soul-Bridge Crossing Session can be helpful:

  • If someone in your life died suddenly, or had a difficult time letting go, or if you are having trouble letting them go.

  • If you notice mood swings or a change in your well-being, (fatigue, depression, disrupted sleep, feeling stuck, unmotivated, anxious, sad, angry, hopeless, or have thoughts of suicide).

  • If you detect temperature changes in certain rooms or witness other physical manifestations—lights , TV on/off, or unexplained sounds.

  • If after you return from a trip, undergo surgery, go through a traumatic event, or have an encounter with someone, and you notice something is off—you do not feel like yourself.

  • If you begin manifesting physical, emotional, or mental disturbances that are unexplained.

  • If you have pressing dreams of someone who has died, or dreams from another time period that are unsettling.

~ Fee ~

Session by phone
 $250/120 minutes
Payment by credit card or pay Pal.

Session in Person
$275/120 Minutes
(Includes walking in the labyrinth or Chante Ishta)



Sessions may include "tapping" or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and if the session is in person, walking the Prairie Labyrinth or Chante Ishta, a 9-petal Vesica Star pattern in a garden setting.

Toby has been assisting earthbound souls since the early 1990s. When she installed the Prairie Labyrinth in 1995, the awareness of earthbound souls increased. She was guided to use the labyrinth and the 9-petal vesica Star pattern of Chante Ishta as portals, allowing the souls to reconnect with their Higher Selves and make the journey from this plane of existence to their intended home in the “World of Light."  Finger-tracing either pattern establishes a portal and is effective when a phone session is required. Portal patterns are included with the book Dead, But Not Gone: Are You Part of the Soul-Bridge to Guide Them Home? and is highly recommended reading for anyone drawn to do this work.


Toby is a certified Soul Detective based on the protocols taught by Dr. Barbara Stone, PhD.



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Soul Crossing

Assisting individuals with energy attachments or earthbound aspects to cross over to the 'World of Light.'