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Therapy for the soul to reveal the masterpiece that is you!

Akashic Record


A reading and healing session in one. Guidance from the Soul's perspective providing clarity regarding your purpose and life lessons. 


Becoming lucid in this dream is what it seems we are to do. But this process is just a means of adjusting to an unlimited view of an interdependent world that's all around and within you, of interconnected worlds that wait to awake within you. 

Song lyrics ~ Keeper of the Circles

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Your Akashic Records hold the vibrational patterns of your beliefs, your decisions, and the impact of your experiences.


The Akashic Records is the recording of your Soul's journey since inception as well as the possibilities of its unfoldment in the future. It is referred to in virtually every ancient spiritual teaching. It is known in the Bible as "The Book of Life." An Akashic Record Consultation consists of opening the records of your soul, with your permission, and allowing the information from this profound and sacred spiritual level to come forward. Accessing your Records gives you an overview of yourself across space and time. The perceptions, insights and guidance you receive will be useful in understanding your soul contracts, life lessons and purpose. It will bring your attention and energy into the present moment and assist you in gaining clarity to resolve current life challenges for your personal and spiritual growth. 

I access your records using a Holy Prayer. I open myself to the information available from your Records and allow myself to receive and say that which comes directly to me. Because the information is so vast, it is essential that you have concerns, issues, or questions you would like me to focus on. All information is delivered with love and honor. Every consultation is unique. You may notice the effects immediately, months later, or both. Being in the energy of your records, in itself, will bring healing, whether it is conscious or not. 

Different than a psychic reading, this is not about making predictions, foretelling your future or telling you what you should do. The information from your records is intended to give you clarity and self-awareness from the soul's perspective -empowering you to make decisions and choices for your highest good. If you feel stuck or confused, it is a powerful way to remember the unlimited spiritual being that you are, and come back into alignment with your own spiritual plan.

~ Fee ~

Session by phone
$150/60 minutes — $200/90 minutes — $250/120 minutes
Payment due at end of session with credit card or PayPal All sessions are recorded.

Session in Person
$175/60 minutes — $225/90 minutes — $275/120 minutes
(Includes walking in the labyrinth if desired)


Toby Evans has served as a spiritual channel since 1982 and has worked with others in their Akashic Records since 2002. 



Toby, I want to thank you for the reading you did for me on the Akashic Records. Over the course of 13 years I have had many readings and channelings. Each has given me a little insight, an appetizer. I honor the givers of those readings and mean them no disrespect when I say your reading was a main course dinner. The information was concise, to the point and changed my life. I had been plagued by issues of tremendous anger all my life. It came from a source I could not control or predict what would set it off. Your reading totally diffused that bomb within me. It changed my energy and helped me to realize my purpose. It not only saved my life, but gave me a blueprint for my future. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. Love and Light,



Toby’s Akashic Consultation wasn’t a reading. It was nothing short of a miracle.
When Toby and I first scheduled our session, she asked me if there was anything in particular that I wanted to focus on. I said yes, I would greatly appreciate some insights regarding a core area in my life that I’ve felt stifled in for as long as I can remember. She said, “Oh, that’s a perfect intention. That will work just fine.”—“Alright!” I thought. God knows this has been a key life lesson of mine but hey, perhaps we can somehow move past it in one session. Why not? Well the day of the session came, and I noticed a ton of resistance and agitation. In fact, I was even a bit annoyed. I thought, oh dear, here we go. And that’s pretty much all I remember.
What has happened since has been nothing short of astounding. I am convinced Toby single-handedly erased a destiny fueled by the momentum of generations that no longer serves my lineage nor me. She just clipped it and deleted it. She then helped me ever so gently to step into a new emotional body that holds a brand-new relationship to the issue I brought to her. My entire perspective shifted so radically and effortlessly—like I said—I hardly have a recollection of how I felt about this issue before my session with Toby. I believe a miracle is a radical shift in perspective. Spending one hour with Toby was that miracle for me.



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Akashic Record Consultations

A reading and healing session in one. Guidance from the Soul's perspective providing clarity regarding your purpose and life lessons. 

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