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Therapy for the soul to reveal the masterpiece that is you!


Now changes come to help you grow, but you are ready more than you know. You have the courage that love inspires to walk the heart-path that you desire.

Now changes come to help you heal the wounds you carry around this wheel. You hold the pattern of every dream that you weave. They can chain or free you by what you choose to believe.

Now changes come to help you see. The Earth is waking through you and me. The shell is breaking and you're playing your part. You're co-creating your own path to One heart.


Song ~ Keeper of the Circles

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Using Labyrinths as Fifth Dimensional Self Towers: A Healer’s Calling

Many Paths, Many Visions — The Labyrinth Society
Aired September 6, 2018

My guest, Toby Evans, installed a large, classical, seven circuit labyrinth in the prairie lands of Missouri in 1995 and proceeded to work with the energy in ways she never imagined when the idea came to her. She is an author, artist, singer, radio talk show and podcast host, multi-certified Transpersonal therapist, a founding member of The Labyrinth Society and the first Energy Keepers Chair, and steward of the Prairie Labyrinth in Sibley, MO.


Bainbridge Island Labyrinth Society interview

 TLS Bainbridge Island series, Published on November 8, 2017

In this interview Toby talks about her beginning introduction to labyrinths,  the formation of the Labyrinth Society and how she came to use the Prairie Labyrinth as a portal to assist earthbound souls.

Empire Radio Now

 Published on April 26, 2017

Toby Evans explains her passion for what she does and the origin of Sage Brush Exchange.


Blog Talk radio interview

Aired August 20, 2015


Sibley, MO – In the Peruvian culture the Quechua word for exchange is “ayni.” It is the concept of cooperation and reciprocity, the balance of giving and receiving - the acceptance that everything in the world is connected.

Toby Evans is an artist, energy healer and the founder of SageBrush Exchange, where she combines her deep understanding of the creative process with spiritual practices and professional trainings to help clients find inner healing through energetic exchange.“A ‘Sage’ is someone who intuitively accesses the higher wisdom available to all of us, and ‘Brush’ represents the creative energy or the artist within. This captures both strands of what I draw upon and attempt to call forth in others.” says Toby. “All sessions with clients are an exchange of energy.”

As part of Sage Brush Exchange, Toby maintains a labyrinth on her land. “The Prairie Labyrinth” was installed in five acres of native prairie grass and is 166 feet in diameter - one of the largest seven circuit labyrinths in the US. It is based on a 4,000-year-old pattern and is aligned with the seven major chakras or energy centers of the body.

“A maze is designed to amuse and confuse you. A labyrinth helps you order the confusion in your life. A labyrinth path may twist and turn, but it eventually takes you to the center - metaphorically to your own center - where you can access your own deep relationship to Source.”